We have a family of few volunteer’s who are taking step forword toghter for the future of our society. If there is a volunteer interested in offering services at The Pan Relif foundation then all that is needed is to get in touch with the Volunteer Actions Coordinators based within the city or the nearest city. Volunteers will need to share their areas of interest and details of contact with the Coordinators. People interested can either send in an email or call up the Relief India Trust.

Orientation meetings are held for volunteers at regular intervals. During the meetings, interested volunteers get an idea on the kind of services offered at The Pain Relif foundation. A volunteer can help bring about a permanent change in children’s lives, address the main cause behind violation of children’s rights, and also make the state accountable towards rights of children whenever needed. Those interested in bringing about a difference in the lives of underprivileged, physically and mentally challenged children can certainly participate as volunteer at the pain relif foundation.

Every voice counts while campaigning to make a difference to children’s lives. Governments can be influenced and for building opinion of the public campaigning can be done in the most powerful way. Every person could do his or her bit by identifying children who do not attend school due to lack of teachers. Volunteers can voice their demand for new teacher recruitment even if it means contacting authorities within the government.

The entire system can be brought to task for impacting lives of children in a positive way. Efforts put in by volunteers will enable the underprivileged children get higher quality education. A good deed to society on the whole is done by touching the lives of needy children. Changes brought about are positive and permanent, even if it takes some time.

It is not the effort of just one single person that counts at The pain relif foundation. It is a group effort in volunteer campaigns. It is not possible for anyone to do anything in isolation. Under a number of schemes within a common umbrella all the campaigns of The pain relif foundation merge in totality. The volunteer services that can be offered are very flexible in nature. For those interested in working with the Trust, there are actually no fixed working hours. With feasibility of time, services can be rendered accordingly.

Connecting with our Team

We will happy to see you connecting with our volunteer team if you wish to work as a volunteer with our sportive team give some information about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch with our Volunteer Actions Coordinators based in your city or the city closest to you. Share with us your interest areas and contact details via Email / Write to us Or Call us. We would be happy to invite you to our Volunteer orientation meetings held at regular intervals. It will give you an idea of who we are, what we do and what YOU can do as a The pain relif foundation volunteer.

While planning out an activity we ask ourselves three questions, Will my action help:
1. in bringing about permanent change in the lives of children
2. address the root cause behind child rights violation.
3. in making the state accountable towards children and their rights.

Share your ideas and together we will arrive at the “RIGHT CHOICE” that will bring about permanent and positive change in the lives of children.

Yes YOUR VOICE counts!

We believe that we must try to enable a situation where rights for all children are ensured in a permanent way. This means impacting and influencing the body that can reach out to all the children in our country – viz. the government. Your opinion has the power to influence the government and Campaigning is a powerful way to build public opinion.

For instance:

  • You find out that children in your locality are out of school as there are no teachers in it.
  • You share this information with more people to lend more voice to your demand for the recruitment of teachers.
  • You ALL knock the doors of the relevant government authority demanding the recruitment of teachers.
  • You ALL have made a difference by getting the entire system to work.
  • You ALL have, by ensuring that the system works, enabled children beyond your locality as well to have access to quality education.
  • You ALL have touched the lives of so many children.

It might take time but the change that it brings about is permanent and positive.

Volunteer campaigns are all group efforts and nothing is done in isolation. In fact, all our campaigns somewhere merge under a common umbrella of themes for which we all advocate. But yes, that doesn’t do away with flexibility of work in terms of time and the way you would like to be involved.

Volunteerism in The pain relief foundation is flexible in nature i.e. there are no fixed hours of working. However, it is a long term engagement. Once you join/ start a campaign, it becomes YOUR campaign and you can give it as much time as you like to make it effective and impactful.

Most volunteer activities take place on the weekends, and many allow for work to be done in your own time (research/ studies/ networking online/ updating the volunteer group etc). Most of our volunteers are full time employees or students who manage their volunteer action during as per their convenience.

Yes – provided there is a willingness to engage and contribute to the campaign positively. E.g. If you are a creative professional such as photographer, film maker, dancer, musician, you could use your skills to mobilize similar talents around you and use this skill to advocate for children and their cause with The pain relief foundation support.

You could chose a volunteering option that allows you to work from home, though many of our volunteers also do field work in order to stay in touch with ground realities.

We sincerely believe that volunteers at Relief India Trust work due to their sheer interest and conviction to bring about a positive change in the lives of the children. Hence their commitment is not dependent on certificates. However, usually after at least a year long active engagement as a committed volunteer, we provide one with a certificate or a letter of acknowledgement from the pain relief foundation if required.

No. However, work related expenses like photocopying, conveyance and other expenses incurred can be reimbursed.

We don’t issue identity cards. If there is any specific work/assignment that requires your identity proof of being a the pain relief foundation volunteer, an authorization letter is given, which is valid for a certain time period.