Dear Savior,

Greeting’s from ‘The Pain Relief Foundation’
Hope this email finds you best of health.

We write to you in reference to the discussion you had with our volunteer’.

We would like to share a case of a poor patient, whose family came to us with a hope that the treatment of their daughter could be done without any delay.

The case is of Baby” Ritu” who is  year old and is fighting between life and death due to thermal burn injury.

She is currently been treated in the ‘ Vinayak Hospital ‘ Please spend next five minutes in understanding the details of the case and helplessness of the family so that you understand the importance of your life saving help for this child and there family.
‘We have also attached the medical documents of Ritu for your better understanding of this case.’Case Analysis:-

The child has sustained thermal burn injuries when she accidentally came in contact of flame, While she was at home.As the result of this incident,  the child has sustained mostly 2nd and 3rd degree deep TBSA Thermal burn injury.
The injury of a grave nature and might become life threatening if ignored.

We plan to manage the child conservatively applying wound dressing and debridement procedures to close the wound as early as possible, Surgical skin grafting if required, would be undertaken at a later stage.

Physiotherapy session would also be advised to achieve the best possible result and for the contracture free recovery. 

Baby Ritu‘s father is a daily wages labour and earns Rs. 100-200/day. And he is the only earning person in family.
Family details: 
*The Family is survived by the income of father (Brijesh kumar) which is only INR.7000/- Who work as an labour.
*They belongs to a small village of up  khoda , and have to look after for 2 more kid.

*Mother is a housewife,

Something our trustees want to say:-

There is always a parent in everyone of us who is protective and concerned towards a child and has a heart to help the ones in need. In today’s word people are very less to have that irony to help other but we are thankful that you have shown your interest. 

Here in The Pain Relief Foundation we Believe that helping other’s is not doing a favor for someone but it is actually a self healing experience,  The more you help other’s with full of your soul the more it brings smile and make you feel good. So we request you maybe just once or every-time  ‘help someone to make you feel good’.
                                                                                                                             -Neeraj S. Sourat
                                                                                                                             -Renu Sharma
                                                                                                                             – Amit Kirad

*THE PAIN RELIEF FOUNDATION* request for the financial assistance at the earliest as the patient
requires treatment your given contribution will definitely make you feel proud as you will not support a kid only but your donation will also help this family to recover from this situation.

We request you please come forward as medical cost of the treatment is INR. 3,15,000(Rs- Three lack fifteen thousand).

Donations: –
In offline mode’s we are payable at New Delhi in the Given bank details below.


Type of Account -SAVINGS

Account Number – 2726000100386995

Branch –  D-BLOCK SECTOR 27 NOIDA -201301

Branch Code – 272600

IFSC Code -PUNB0272600                   note:- (5th character is zero)

God bless ,

Thanks and warm regards
The Pain Relief Foundation